1959 Opel, P1 425,000.00 USD

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The subject of countless interviews for television, radio, film and print, this is the world-famous and world-renowned Opel Experimental prototype which holds the world record to date for a gasoline-powered vehicle of its size and only mild modification from the original stock pushrod engine. This 1959 Opel achieved over 376 miles per gallon in Wood River, Illinois, in 1973!!

Featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as well as many publications (several of which accompany this car), it had been hidden from the public at the Talladega Motor Museum where is laid to waste for decades. Still clad in its original livery, it is functioning today and would make any collector, museum, special-interest hobbyist or institution proud.

One of the most significant and milestone vehicles of all time, this petroleum-driven vehicle has held the worlds’ record for more than 35 YEARS. Please read the attached press release and contact us if you require additional information.

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Algemene informatie
Merk: Opel
Model: P1
Prijs: 425,000.00 USD  
Condition: cond 1 Exeptioneel
Jaar: 1959

Kontakt informatie
Naam: Cosmopolitan Motors, LLC
Land: United States
Staat of regio: Seattle
Postcode: WA 98121
Taal: English
Tel: (206) 467-6531
Website: www.cosmopolitanmotors.com

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