1955 Studebaker, Speedster 35.00 USD

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1955 Studebaker President Speedster 2-door hard top. EVERYTHING IS ORIGINAL! ONLY 39,440 ORIGINAL MILES!! Just finished a 2-year restoration last week. This car ready to roll and turn heads! She is absolutely stunning! Just gorgeous.

This 1955 Studebaker Speedster, commonly referred to, in its day as the "Lemon Lime" is 1 of only 420 top-of-the-line Speedster built in the Los Angeles, CA , (Vernon) plant. This car was Studebaker's answer to the Corvette and Thunderbird with a twist, it was a 4-seater. It was designed to compete with the 'Vette and Bird, but to appeal to sports car/hot rod enthusiasts with kids. 1955 was the only year for the Speedster; in 1956 Studebaker took a slightly different approach with introduction of the Golden Hawk.

I purchased this 1955 Studebaker President Speedster from the original owner about 26 years ago. I kept her in indoor storage for 24 years at which point I began to restore the car. It had virtually no rust anywhere in the car. It was in such nice shape, I decided to do a frame-on-restoration. Since the engine and transmission worked perfectly, I merely clean them up to the original paint.

This car now has:
1. New two tone lemon lime exterior paint
2. Complete new upholstery including kick and door panels,  back seat side panels, back window panel,        headliner, 5 arm rests, front and back seats
3. All new chrome everywhere
4. New Dunlap white wide wall original tires
5. New vacuum brake booster
6. New  radiator
7. Rebuilt carburetor
8. New brakes
9. New points condenser & spark plug wires
10. New spark plugs
11. New power steering pump
12. Rebuilt generator
13. New wiring where needed
14. New carpeting throughout the interior and trunk
15. New master cylinder and wheel cylinders
16. All new rubber seals for windows and doors
17. Completely stripped clean all undercarriage and repainted
18. New tail lights and parking light lenses
19. Three original horns rebuilt plus a multitude of original replacement parts and window rubbers
20. All clean and new gas tank , fuel lines and brake lines

This car  in many ways is SUPERIOR to the original factory Speedster.
This car  in this condition is very rare and a great investment, much better than the stock market or bank dividends!

This car also advertise in several classic car magazine and for sale locally, so it may be sold elsewhere before the auction ends.

If you have any questions, please call me at 760-782-0642 or email me at ptpawlicki@aol.com

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General Information
Make: Studebaker
Model: Speedster
Price: 35.00 USD  
Condition: cond 1 Exceptional
Year: 1955

Contact Information
Name: Pat Pawlicki
Country: United States
State or Region: Santa Ysabel
Postal code: 92070
Languages: English
Tel: 760 782 0642

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