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1900-1960\'s Car & Truck,new/used

Price on request


1900-1960\'s Car & Truck,new/used

Large varied range of 44 year accumulation of numerous new & used parts for cars,trucks,some motorcycles & related engines/vehicles,also accessories,memorabilia from the 1900's to the 1960's.Many hard to find items in stock,worldwide experience in buying & selling American,British,European,early japanese,Australian vehicles & engines.


BTW...I am currently interested in buying small quantities of new water pump seals & kits especially for british & european makes.Also bronze & metalistic bushings,rhd steering box parts.Radiator grilles & shrouds,instruments,lighting,hubcaps,& more especially for trucks & pre 1932 model vehicles.(to the 1960's) I have a delivery point in Mass 01902/usa or direct to Sydney Australia.


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General Information

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Mechanical: Engine complete, Engine parts, Transmission & parts, Axles & differential, Steering & parts, Wheels & spinners, Suspension, Shock absorbers, Silent blocks, Brakes & parts, Clutch & parts, Fuel system, Cooling system, Hoses, Turbo, Exhaust system, Gaskets, Tanks, Other
Body: Frame & Chassis, Front panel, Front side panel, Rear side panel, Rear panel, Floor panel, Doors front, Doors rear, Hood, Trunk, Front bumper, Rear bumper, Other body panels, Windshield, Other Glasparts, Radiator grill, Door handles, Mascotte & emblem, Other chrome parts, Hubcaps, Rubbers & sealings, Window mechanics, Soft top, Hard top, Other
Electrical: Distributor & parts, Ignition & parts, Alternator & Dynamo & parts, Starter & parts, Switches, Lights & lenses, Relays, Spark plugs, Window motor, Instruments, Wiring & cables, Battery, Electric motors, Computer, Keylock, Radio, Horn, Other
Interior: Dash & parts, Steering wheel, Other
Maintenance: Oil filters, Air filters, Fuel filters, Distribution belts
Accessoires: Jack, Spare wheel

Make: All Makes

Contact Information

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Name: Obsolete ASuto Parts Pty Ltd

Country: Australia

State or Region: Kurrajong

Postal code: 2758

Languages: English

Tel: 61-245-731424 (mornings), 61-407-731424 (before 9am)


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