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1975 Jeep

10,500.00 USD

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1975 Jeep CJ5

It is obvious we have too much time on our hands. Who in their right mind would camo a Jeep 100% & when I say 100% I mean 100%. This is a 1975 Jeep CJ5 bought from the State of South Carolina 10 years ago. It was one of 2 bought with consecutive serial numbers. They were issued new to the SCARNG (SC Army Reserve National Guard). It spent its whole life on "The Hill" (Ft. Jackson) in rust-free Columbia, SC. We disassembled the Jeep leaving the tub and engine on the frame. Next it was steamed-cleaned thoroughly. We put the Jeep on the lift and started underneath and on the engine. We worked our way to the outside and then the inside, where Bendt Brothers/556 3013 did the custom camo seat covers. You will not find one piece of this Jeep, drive train included, that hasn't been camo'd. We found camo upholstery vinyl and had the original seat pattern duplicated (not cheap!). What started as a joke became a serious and expensive project.

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Marca: Jeep

Modelo: CJ5

Ano: 1975

Preço: 10,500.00 USDCurrency Converter

Condition: cond 2 Excelente

Informação de contato

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Nome: Turky\'s Towing and Autos

País: United States

Estado ou Região: Charleston

Código postal: SC 29407

Idiomas: English

Telefone: (843) 766-8875

Web site:

Turky\'s Towing and Autos

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