1970 Dodge, Dart 85,000.00 USD

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If you were are this year's Chryslers at Carlisle, you may have noticed this snake-in-the-grass keeping cool and dry underneath the RMS Suspension booth right on the Manufacturer's Midway. The 500 Cubic Inch wedge was built by Pete Tritak of Tritak Performance of War Wagon and Car Craft Hemi Cuda drag racing fame. The car was built by a fellow Jersey boy, Joe Pardo, who runs a body shop by day and creates some of the slickest Pro-Street and Pro-Touring beasts by night. Joe is not shade tree mechanic, the workmanship and parts-matching talents rival any national show circuit car we've seen. Stunning, tasteful, and goes like hell, his 30+ years of building and racing experience show in both the design and execution of this beautiful beast.


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Informação Geral
Marca: Dodge
Modelo: Dart
Preço: 85,000.00 USD  
Condition: cond 2 Excelente
Ano: 1970

Informação de contato
Nome: Show Your Auto LLC
País: United States
Estado ou Região: Grayslake
Código postal: IL 60030
Idiomas: English
Telefone: 847-838-3749
Web site: www.showyourauto.com

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