1938 Buick, Custom

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1938 BUICK CUSTOM “Y-JOB” TRIBUTE CAR In 1938, Harley J. Earl, General Motors’ first Chief of Design, directed the construction of the very first “Dream Car”, a concept car that was created to test new ideas in automotive styling. This car, known as the “Y-Job” made the rounds of the auto show circuit and then was driven regularly by Earl on the streets of Detroit, where it attracted a great deal of attention. Ideas tested on the Y-Job found their way into later GM production cars, and the original Y-Job now is an honored member of GM’s Heritage Collection at the GM Design Center in Warren, Michigan. Our Y-Job Tribute Car is an amazing example of the modern American custom-builder’s skill. The car faithfully reproduces the styling and many of the features of the Y-Job including the boat tail, hidden headlights, hideaway top, and the unique chrome strakes that trim all four fenders. The car is built on a Corvette chassis with disc brakes and is powered by a fuel-injected Buick 455 CI engine with an automatic transmission, power steering, brakes, windows, seats, and air-conditioning. The dashboard is hand-crafted and all the workmanship is first class. The car is in excellent condition and would be welcome at both custom and classic car shows.

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Información general
Marca: Buick
Modelo: Custom
Precio: Precio a su solicitud
Condition: cond 2 Excelente
Año: 1938

Información de contacto
Nombre: Exotic Classics
País: United States
Estado o región: Syosset
Código postal: 11791
Idiomas: English
Teléfono: 877.457.3713
Sitio Web: www.exoticclassics.com
Google Maps: link

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