1975 Porsche, 911RS 106,538.00 GBP

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1975 Porsche Carrear 911 G 3.0 RS 

The original Christian Gardavot Porsche 3.0 911 as raced in Group 3, 4 and B during the 1970's and 1980's and one of the most famous privately raced Porsches in France because of its remarkable results. Originally delivered as a 2.7RS to the Sonotto Porsche dealership in France, the car was bought by Garedevot and upgraded to 3.0L specification for rallying including wider wheel arches, turbo brakes and aluminu suspension. The car has had only 4 owners in total and was previously owned by well known racer Alain Pages. In the current ownership since 1990 and restored by Porsche specialist Jaques Bourguoin with special attention made to protect the still original chassis, the car was rebuilt was rebuilt again in 2004 and it has since raced in the Masters Series World Sportscar Masters first in 2005, and up to 2008. The engine has been freshly rebuilt and produces 260bhp. 

This car raced on some of the most historic events including the Tour de France, Rallye Monte Carlo, and Rallye San Remo, where it was usually a class winner, it is therefore a highly desirable car to compete in historic racing and road rallies today. It is fast, reliable, and is accepted by all of the large organisations - Tour Auto, Le Mans Classic etc because of its exceptional history. 

Currently fitted with Turbo Brakes and Aluminum Suspension, the car is complete and ready to use, with lots of history, bills, race results as well as FFSA/ FIA Passport, road registered in France, spares include spare bonnet with integral headlights for night stages, 12 wheels, spare gearbox, and various running spares. 

Notable Results: 

1976: Rallye Monte Carlo 3rd Gr 3, San Remo 1st Gr3, Cevennes 1st Gr3 

1977: San Remo 1st Gr3, Tour de France 1st Gr3 

1978: Monte Carlo 31st Scratch, San Remo 7th scratch (2nd Gr3), Tour de Course rtd, Tour de France 6th scratch 1st Gr3 

1979: Tour de Course rtd, Cevennes 4th scratch, 1st Gr3 

1980: Tour de Course 7th scratch, 1st Gr3, Monte Carlo rtd 

1981: Monte Carlo 21st scratch (1st Gr3), Tour de Course rtd 

1982: Monte Carlo 15th sctatch (12th Gr4), Tour de Course 12th Scratch (11th Gr4) 

1983: Monte Carlo 21st scratch (12th GrB) 

1984: Tour de Course rtd 

1986: Tour de Course 10th scratch (7th GrB) 

For more information please call James Hanson on +44 (0)1274 623210 

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Information générale
Marque: Porsche
Modèle: 911RS
Prix: 106,538.00 GBP  
Condition: cond 2 Excellent
Année: 1975

Information contact
Nom: Speedmaster Cars
Pays: United Kingdom
Etat ou Région: West Yorkshire
Code Postal: Bradford
Langue: English
Tel: +44 (0) 1943 608 078
Website: www.speedmastercars.com

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