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1957 Oldsmobile

132,500.00 USD

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1957 Oldsmobile 98

Want to get into a fight? Get a bunch of collector car fans together and announce that 1957 was the peak of General Motors design. You wouldn't be the first to make that statement (then OR now) but the fact remains that so many of the General's cars were special in that model year. As usual, Benchmark Classics has a near perfect example to offer as evidence.


Say '57 and most get a picture in their minds of a '57 Bel Air, a '57 Corvette or a '57 Cadillac, with fins continuing to rise to the heights of '59. But this beauty (oh, and it IS a beauty) is none of those: Instead, it is a lovely 1957 Oldsmobile 98 convertible.  No doubt that this could be Perry Mason's Exhibit A in winning that argument over '57 bragging rights. This is, after all, a car that you can easily imagine Perry Mason himself driving, flying down the road with Della Street at his side. And fly he would, because this special 98 convertible is tricked out with one of the most potent of the legendary Rocket V-8s, the J2 Tri-Power 371/300 horsepower engine.


Here are a few highlights to get the juices flowing:


1000 miles on frame-off restoration 
400 miles on complete rebuilt 58 jet-away transmission 
200 miles on complete motor rebuild 
rebuilt convertible top cylinders 
all new convertible top, motor, pump & hoses


This work was done right. It is painted a rich red with a white accent sweeping down the rear fenders. The new tan top (a white one also comes with the car) covers a gorgeous red and white leather interior.


The black-painted engine bay cradles that great J2 mill, with its telltale "Batwing" air-cleaner, this one converted to dry element. Here's the rundown on the motor:


--Bored to .030 
--crank ground .020 under all new piston rings, wrist pins, bearings, cam & bearings, oil pump, water pump 
--rebuilt fuel pump, harmonic balancer 
--ALL NEW-- Fel-Pro gaskets, lifters, timing chain, motor mounts, custom made stainless steel intake manifold choke tube, heat riser, exhaust tubing and mufflers/resonators/and clamps 
--carburetors by Jim Buckmaster 
--distributor rebuilt and balanced/shimmed with electronic ignition by Jim Buckmaster
--NEW-- plug wires, coil, water & vacuum hoses with correct hose clamps 
--complete valve/head rebuilt with Harden Vale seats, 
--NEW valve guides, valve springs, front and read crank seals, choke coil 
--REBUILT-- generator/starter with new regulator, correct Delco 12V battery 
--REBUILT-- radiator & heater core with new hot water valve

--REBUILT-- steering box


Here's what else you'll find in that engine bay:


--All NEW-- Belts, radiator cap, spin-on oil adapter/ old style/ canister comes with car 
--ALL NEW-- Hydraulic hoses for power steering and transmission, new battery cables, rebuilt starter, all freeze plugs 

--All NEW oil and water sending units, firewall grommets, fender well seals 


The proof of the originality of this '57 Olds 98 maybe in the fact that the transmission is from 1958! The transmissions on the more powerful Olds models in '57 were prone to failure (and with the 300 hp J2 power plant, that was almost a guarantee on this one.) So, this one comes with a completely rebuilt 1958 Oldsmobile Jet Away transmission. The tranny mounts have been replaced and new coolant lines were installed.


The body, interior and mechanical work on this terrific car was both extensive and correct. Check this out:


--all new rubber gaskets 
--rebuilt convertible pump motor with all new hydraulic hoses 
--new original 950 X 14 bias ply tires 
--convertible top soft boot with bag 
--full length soft car cover 
--57 Olds floor mats 
--NEW-- steering wheel, rear window pane tubes, windshield drain tubes,  body lock pillar weatherstrip, 
--REBUILT-- windshield wiper motor, steering box, brake booster, wheel cylinders 
--all correct wiring harness clips 
--all correct decals 
--car includes 57 service manual including proper jack instructions 
--REBUILT-- wheel cylinders with new brake shoes and brake hoses, master cylinder & booster 
--ALL NEW shocks, convertible top weather stripping, suspensions & steering part including all ball joints, upper & lower control arms, bushings, stabilizer bushings, bumpers, correct 57 shocks, new front coil springs, new rear leaf springs with shackle bushings, 
--REBUILT-- idler arm bushings, center link, tie rods, tie rod ends, power steering pump with new hoses 
--all script perfect 
--all glass flawless 
--all new gas lines from tank to pump, new fuel sending unit 
--all new universal joints, new center shaft bearing 
--NEW rear wheel bearings and seals 
--REBUILT heater, blower motor 


When some people zig, others zag. That's really the story with a 1957 Oldsmobile as nice as this one. You can find a '57 Chevy almost anywhere, but a '57 Olds? You're just not likely to see one tooling down the street toward you, even at the shows. With only about 8000 made, the '57 Oldsmobile '98 convertible was uncommon in its day. With the J2 Tri-Power motor it was unusual, but very rare was the Batwing air cleaner. And today? How many can be left? Certainly just a handful in anywhere near this condition. It's that good.


So, was '57 the greatest year for GM design? The jury's still deadlocked on that one, but it won't take a Perry Mason to determine that this is one spectacular ride. Case Closed: You'll be showing off a winner in this glorious 1957 Oldsmobile 98 convertible at Benchmark Classics in Madison, Wisconsin, one of America's premier Hot Rod, Custom, Specialty and Muscle Car showrooms.

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General Information

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Make: Oldsmobile

Model: 98

Year: 1957

Price: 132,500.00 USDCurrency Converter

Condition: cond 2 Excellent

Contact Information

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Name: Benchmark Classics

Country: United States

State or Region: Middleton

Postal code: WI 53562

Languages: English

Tel: +1 608-833-0460


Benchmark Classics

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