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Restoration Jaguar E-Type

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Restoration Jaguar E-Type

E-Type UK is a Jaguar E type restoration specialist - we don't work with any other marques or models. We can help you create the E type of your dreams, whether you are working to maintain originality or incorporating the latest upgrades and features for a more modern driving experience.

To make the process of restoring an E type as simple as possible:

E-Type UK offers

  • Dedicated E type expertise (E-Type UK only works with Jaguar's classic Es). We offer expert knowledge and practical advice.

  • The highest standards of engineering, quality workmanship, tecnical accuracy and rigorous attention to detail.

  • Not found your E type yet? We can help you identify and buy a suitable restoration project. 

E-Type UK is proud to provide:

  • Budget management advice and help with project planning.

  • Excellent standards of customer care: we communicate at every stage of your restoration project: so you know exactly what you have spent and what work is being done.

  • Aftercare: we don't stop talking to you when your E type leaves the workshop; we will always be available to answer your questions and provide advice.

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Tema/Título: Restoration Jaguar E-Type

Marca: Jaguar

Categoría: Mantenimiento, Restauración, Reparación

Tipo: Motor y partes, Transmisión y partes, Ejes y diferenciales, Frenos y partes, Embragues y partes, Suspensión y amortiguadores, Carburadores y sistemas de combustible, Refrigeración, Acondicionador de aire, Encendido y cableado, Instrumentos, Radios, Carrocería y bastidor – refabricación, Carrocería y bastidor - reparación y pintura, Cromo y partes, Interior y tapizado, Capotas blandas

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Nombre: E-Type UK

País: United Kingdom

Estado o región: Hadlow, Kent

Código postal: TN11 9QU

Idiomas: English

Teléfono: +44 (0)1732 852762, +44 (0)7887 885590

Sitio Web:

E-Type UK

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