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1974 Maserati

125,000.00 USD

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1974 Maserati Bora

I’ve owned this 1974 4.9L Bora serial# 11749US688 since showing only 21,000 original miles with all numbers matching.  No accidents, dings or rust. Repainted in 1997 to perfection with best quality German Glasurit paint. To date no imperfections... finish still like glass. Just a stunning, breathtaking combination of black over tan with stainless steel roof, bumpers and rocker panels/sills.


List of Replacements and Upgrades

Points/condenser removed and replaced with modern electronic ignition system placed in original distributor. Engine runs the best it ever has and plugs never foul.
Air pump and cats removed and not required on an historic car.
All rubber hoses, CV boots and belts have been recently replaced.
Stainless Euro headers installed, small mid mufflers removed and new QuickSilver U.K. custom stainless sport exhaust system installed...Somewhat subdued around town so your neighbors won't be bothered...but the sport exhaust explodes to life as you get on the pedal…wonderful sound!
Both original cooling fans and relays replaced with high efficiency, low draw modern Zirgo fans.
New clutch and slave cylinder replaced a few thousand miles ago.
New oil pressure sending unit installed recently  after original unit died.
New stronger/efficient water pump installed a few thousand miles ago.
Gas tank removed, professionally cleaned and interior coated to prevent rust.
High grade, thicker gauge, polished stainless steel rocker panels/sills were custom fabricated and installed complementing the stainless steel roof and stainless steel bumpers. Absolutely stunning on this black car!
Original air cleaner and carpet dome cover over engine removed in favor of four rectangular chrome pots with K&N lifetime filters installed. Engine under rear glass looks spectacular. Note: Original equipment removed is still available.
Starter replaced about 300 miles ago.
Front shock absorbers were replaced about 300 miles ago.
Main hydraulic accumulator sphere was replaced and all recharged… hydraulics function perfectly and have been well maintained.
Main high pressure hydraulic hose recently replaced.
All four Weber 4-barrel carbs have been professionally rebuilt.
Ignition coil has been replaced with a higher output unit.
Both electric window plastic Ducellier gears have been replaced with heavy duty brass substitutes after the plastic ones broke...These new brass gears will never break.
Fuel filter and glass bowl housing have been replaced.

Bora #688 Condition

The exterior and interior of this left hand drive 4.9L  Bora have been well cared for and are immaculate as can be seen in the images. The body has no dents, dings or rust. The brushed stainless steel original roof is excellent with no dents or waves. The engine and bay are very clean as is the trunk under the front hood. The 5-speed manual gearbox is in excellent condition and shifts easily and flawlessly when engine is warm. The 4.9 engine is smooth, healthy and strong. This Bora comes with 2 installed fuel pumps; if one should quit, the alternate pump can be accessed by a flick of a switch in the engine compartment... both pumps work fine. All gauges and original clock function as they should. The battery is new and there is a battery cutoff switch installed in the trunk. The brakes are solid and the hydraulic switches all work, as well as the “pedal sled” moving all 3 pedals closer or further from the driver. The original factory Blaupunkt radio is still installed and working well, as are the power windows and disappearing antenna. Original unused spare tire with cover still in car, as well as original owners manual and tool kit. Great fit and finish as all body seams are spaced evenly and every panel is well aligned. In the 27 years since I’ve purchased this Bora, it has been the easiest to maintain of all the exotic cars I’ve owned. With all that has been upgraded and replaced on this car, the new owner should have few concerns…it has been well sorted out. This truly is one of the best grand touring (GT) cars ever conceived, allowing for comfortable driving with power...wrapped in timeless beauty by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

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General Information

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Make: Maserati

Model: Bora

Year: 1974

Price: 125,000.00 USDCurrency Converter

Condition: cond 1 Exceptional

Contact Information

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Name: Softsert, Inc.

Country: United States

State or Region: Westchester, NY

Postal code: 10573

Languages: English



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