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Face Of Sweden

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Face Of Sweden
Face Of Sweden Hardcover Collectible
1971 Rare Original Condition Hardcover Illustrated Book on Sweden

True European quality makes this Gullers book of photographs one of lasting value. Here is just a sampling of some of the gorgeous photographs in this rare book.

This large 10" x 13" country specific book features dozens of full size professional photographs covering Sweden's history, accomplishments, culture, technology, art, music, racing, industry, automotive, manufacturing hydro-electric power, the beech forests of Skane, the Gota Canal, Stockholm harbor, and even an innocent nude.

Published in Sweden, it includes a detailed list of country specifications for all aspects of Swedish life: Ownership of Industry, Tourism, Population, Education, Medicine, Old Age, Sport, Foreign Trade, History, Industry, The Budget, Transportation, Standard of Living, The Nobel Prize, Religion, and Technology & Research.

THE FACE OF SWEDEN shows what Swedes call "our oblong land" in a way that only the Swedes could use to describe this magnificient country. 107 pages of meeting the people and places from Lulea-to-Malmo and from Oslo-to-Helsingfors.

NOTE: My uncle was an executive for Volvo Canada back in the late 1960's and early 1970's and would often travel to Sweden bringing back country specific items like this rare hardcover.

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General Information

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Category: Books

Subject/Title: Face Of Sweden

Language: English

Make: Volvo

Cover: Hard

Type: Second-hand

Author: Gullers / Ehrenmark

Publisher: Gullersproduktion

First release: Yes

Price: Price on request

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