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1989 Dodge

Shelby CSX-VNT
7,500.00 USD

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1989 Dodge Shelby CSX-VNT

West Coast Classics are proud to present an absolutely exceptional example of this extremely rare and very collectible 1989 Dodge Shelby CSX 2.2L Turbo - one of only 500 built and a numbered car (#62) with a plague in the car and seemingly signed by the man himself, Carroll Shelby!

The SHELBY CSX (Carroll Shelby Experimental) was a limited production high performance car based on the turbocharged intercooled Dodge Shadow. These cars were only offered by Shelby Automobiles Inc' from 1987-89. 750 CSX's were sold in 1987 using the Turbo II engine and black was the only color available. In 1988 Shelby repeated its offering from 1966 of Shelby Mustang's for the 'Hertz' car rental company with the creation of the CSX-T for the 'Thrifty' car rental company and built 1001 CSX-T's which were only sold to Thrifty as per the Shelby Hertz cars of 1966! These were only available in white with gray and blue trim. These CSX-T's were similar to the 1987 CSX with one major exception - the non-intercooled Turbo I engine was used. Only two with intercooled engines were produced; one for the president of Thrifty and the other with a factory sunroof and given to the presidents daughter!

The final CSX was 1989's CSX-VNT and this would indeed be the final Shelby Dodge and was quite a departure from the earlier models with a more aggressive styling and marked by two notable technological advances: the introduction of a Garrett variable-nozzle turbo and the application of composite wheels designed by Shelby and produced by the 'Motor Wheel Corporation' and known as 'Fiberrides' and which were much lighter than contemporary wheels. Only available and built in one color, 'Exotic Red', a mix of bright red and maroon with gold graphics and gold wheels! The engine was the new intercooled Turbo IV equipped with a Getrag A555 5 speed manual transmission. Torque on this 1989 version was up to 205 ft.lbs at an unheard of 2,100 rpm's! Turbo lag was eliminated with full boost (15 psi) available at 2,100 rpm's. The intense powerband with the cars low weight made this CSX extremely fast on the street and 'Car & Driver' magazine called it a "high tech hot rod" and a "technological showcase"and were impressed with the engine's flexibility and top-gear acceleration - they tested it to 156mph!! A grounds effect package produced by 'Kaminari aerodynamics' gave the CSX a ground hugging appearance and the suspension was also modified as the alignment specs are radically different to the other Shelby Dodges. Chrysler's Turbo IV 2.2L engine with a turbocharged SOHC intercooled version with variable nozzle turbo technology which eliminated turbo lag was pioneered by Dodge and Carroll Shelby of 'Shelby Motors' for this 1989 Shelby CSX! Production on this engine was limited to around 1,250 units only! Production was limited to only 500 vehicles including two prototypes and after the completion of these cars, Carroll Shelby's direct involvement with Dodge was over although he continued to work on projects with Chrysler which later included the development of the Dodge Viper.

The 1989 Shelby CSX production figures included both Recaro and non-Recaro seat cars. The 1989 Shelby CSX proved to be a true domestic exotic, showcasing technologies not seen until 2006 when the European Porsche utilized variable vane turbos for their new 997 model. The front air dams and rear wing of this car can still be purchased from 'Kaminari Aerodymanics'. This car still boasts most of its original parts including its production first of original gleaming gold light weight "Fiberride' compressed fiberglass 15" rims, an aggressive front air dam, rear wing and skirts, its original SHELBY interior with 'SHELBY' inscribed sporting cloth seats!

The original and beautiful 'Exotic Red' factory color paint is in absolutely exceptional condition with only very minor imperfections, if any, only noticeable upon very close inspection. The original light gray 'Shelby' interior with inscribed seats and door panels is in absolutely beautiful condition with virtually no signs of any wear as is the rest of the interior - obviously an always garaged  and pampered car since new - never raced or abused!

The interior also has a leather wrapped Shelby steering wheel and boost gauge, a numbered plague on the dash, Shelby plagues on the interior door frame moldings and on the door jams the authenticated 'Shelby Automobiles' alteration tags dated 5/1989 and the engine compartment has the required 'Shelby Automobiles' of Whittier, CA plaques too!

The car has a clean CARFAX report and only 62K original miles! The original 1989 Shelby CSX owners manuals are still available and will be included in the sale and the car drives exactly like such a well maintained and serviced car should and must be seen and driven to be truly appreciated! The engine is extremely strong with no noticeable oil leaks and the temperature always remains cool.

The car won a Certificate of Appreciation at the 'Rodeo Drive of Beverly Hills Concours D'Elegance' for outstanding participation in June 2009 and the certificate will also be included in the sale.

Without a doubt, this is an unbelievable opportunity to own an affordable yet very rare and exotic genuine 'SHELBY' sports car! As Carroll's cars are now becoming more desirable and collectible than ever before you will certainly look long and hard to find a finer unabused and low mileage  head-turning and as affordable an example of this most desirable and collectible year of the Dodge Shelby CSX series available anywhere else!

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Marca: Dodge

Modelo: Shelby CSX-VNT

Año: 1989

Precio: 7,500.00 USDCurrency Converter

Condition: cond 3 Muy Buena


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Nombre: West Coast Classics

País: United States

Estado o región: Santa Monica

Código postal: 90405

Idiomas: English


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West Coast Classics

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