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Ipod MP3 Aux input For Any Car Radio

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Ipod MP3 Aux input For Any Car Radio
I can install an Ipod input, MP3 input, Aux input jack on any Car Radio from 1946 to 1990. The Ipod input , MP3 input , or portable CD player input is a hidden cable out of the back or side of your radio for only $50. The Ipod input cable goes directly into your car radio amplifier volume control, not into the antenna jack or tuner, for much better sound than other types. Automatically mutes the radio when pluged in. The cable has a female jack on the end of it. I can make it any length from 2 ft. to 5 ft. I also supply a 3ft or a 6 ft. male to male cable to connect it to the ipod or mp3. We also repair car radio's from 1946-90 for only $100-$150, Modifications are also available to improve bass, treble and power like a modern radio for $50. New or used external FM Converters available. Auxillary input available for IPOD,MP3,Portable CD player for $50. Rebuilt car radios available. PRECISION STEREO REPAIR 6475 Stage Rd Utica NY 13502 ph.315-797-5219 Here's an artical on my shop:
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Przedmiot/Tytu³: Ipod MP3 Aux input For Any Car Radio

Marka: All Makes

Kategoria: Konserwacja, Odnowienie, Naprawa

Typ: Radia


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Nazwisko: Precision Stereo Repair

Kraj: United States

Stan albo region: New Hartford

Kod pocztowy: 13413

Jêzyki: English

Tel: 3157975219

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