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2013 Nissan

Skyline GTR
Price on request

This add is no longer active in our system, so it may be outdated!


2013 Nissan Skyline GTR

 Year: 2013
 Mileage /miles/: 0
 Engine: 4,0l, 1500HP+
 Engine Size: V6
 Transmission: automatic, manual transmission
 Color: any color options
 Interior Color: any color options
 Condition: Awesome Condition as Car is new, Brutal Power and driving feeling

For Price Inqueries, please contact us!

"THIS OFFER IS FOR A COMPLETE TUNING PROGRAM, NOT THE READY CAR" !Our Tuning Packages starts at €24,990.00 (Labor and VAT Not Included)!

"DIESES ANGEBOT IST FÜR KOMPLETTES TUNING PROGRAMM, NICHT DEN FERTIGEN WAGEN" !Unsere Tuning Pakete starten ab €24,990.00 (Arbeit und MwST NICHT inbegriffen)!

Acceleration better than most dedicated drag cars, with enough top end speed to put any exotic to shame, yet mild mannered enough for daily use. At over 1500 HP Tuning Program was developed to convert your Nissan GT-R into one of the fastest, street legal cars to ever hit the highway. In initial testing we set a blistering 100-210 kmh acceleration time of 3.31 seconds! Whether you're on the road or at the track, you would be hard-pressed to find ANY vehicle in the world that would come close to your Nissan GT-R! Not even the $1.5M Bugatti Veyron can compare!

The Most Powerful GT-R Package On The Market, Yet Mild Mannered For The Street

The key to the menacing power of this Tuning Program is the special Turbo System capable of over 1500 HP. In addition a comprehensive list of supporting components integrate to form a turn-key solution for unmatched power and performance.

Typically power like this comes at the cost of drivability issues and a narrow powerband. That is not the case with this tuning program as every aspect of this package was fine tuned to allow for a true Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Your GT-R will go from mild-mannered and streetable one moment to white-knuckled power the next.

Quality, Integrity, RESULTS

Here we back up our packages with real-world results. In preliminary testing of the tuned Car, we shattered the World Record for Quickest and Fastest GT-R running a 8.97 @ 275 kmh in the quarter mile in full street trim! 0 to 275 kmh was reached in a quarter of a mile! Now that's performance that speaks volumes…

Nissan Sets The Record For World's Fastest GT-R… Twice!

In the Fall of 2011, two customers with our tuned GT-R's set new records in a standing mile. At the Moscow Unlimited the record was set with a 346 kmhrun… on a wet course! This record did not stand for long. Another tuned GT-R from us just weeks later at the Texas Mile broke the record again at 350 kmh even with a 40 kmh head wind!

350 kmh in the standing mile

The Nissan GT-R Is Built Right now The First Time

An advanced engine program is necessary to withstand the unsurpassed power levels of the GT-R. The special 4.0L Race Engine within the GT-R is sleeved with ductile iron for strength and increased bore. Each engine is fortified with the best internal components available; then balanced, blueprinted and hand assembled to our exacting standards. Each engine that goes into an GT-R from us, is strategically strengthened to support the monstrous power and torque. The CNC Race Ported Cylinder Heads and special Series Camshafts are perfectly matched to flow at low, mid and high lift to achieve the most effective power curve.

In addition your new GT-R spec transmission is prepared by the industry leader,, with the latest Dodson and PPG components to offer piece of mind while packing THREE TIMES the horsepower of a stock GT-R.

Tested By Top Publications

Motor Trend has tested every car under the sun. Here is what Michael Shaffer had to say about his seat time in a from us tuned GT-R: "The type of straight-line violence the Tuned GT-R is capable of is truly mind-bending. I reckon it’s what F/A-18 Super Hornet pilots feel every time they launch from a carrier: instant, massive, unholy, mega-positive-G-load thrust. Open-wheel Formula car, tuned rocket ship, exotic European ride – nothing compares in my experience."

Michael Harley of AutBlog had this to say: "The GT-R is built soley to conquer. Dominating a race from right here to over there is its competency, and the turbocharged coupe simply annihilates everything in the process."

100-210 kmh Comparison:

from us Tuned GT-R – 3.31 Seconds!
Bugatti Veyron – 5.6 Seconds
Suzuki GSXR1000 Motorcycle – 5.9 seconds
Ferrari Enzo – 7.3 Seconds
Mercedes McLaren SLR – 7.24 Seconds
Porsche Carrera GT – 7.3 Seconds
Lamborghini LP640 – 7.8 Seconds
Chevrolet C6 Z06 Corvette – 7.8 seconds
Porsche 997TT – 9.5 Seconds

We offer as well following Tuning Packages:

1: Gain of +120 HP
2: Total of 850HP
3: Total of 1200HP
4: Total of 1500HP+

For Questions feel free to contact us anytime!

For Price Inqueries, please contact us!

Transport Costs are not included the Purchase price, but we can assist as well with World-Wide Door to Door service.

Is this not the Car you re looking for or you have something special in Mind? Let us know,as we will find YOUR Dream Car for you!!!

Our complete Car offer you find as well here:
and here:

We speak as well: Deutsch, Italiano and Cestina
For more Infos just give us a call:

+420-775-732-581 for Deutsch, English, Italiano
+420-775-732-580 for Čeština, Slovenščina, Pусский, Polski

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Marca: Nissan

Modelo: Skyline GTR

Ano: 2013

Preço: Preço sobre pedido

Condition: cond 1 Excepcional

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Nome: The Furious Inc.

País: Czech Republic

Estado ou Região: Úvaly u Prahy

Código postal: 250 82

Idiomas: German, English, Italian, Polish, Russian

Telefone: 00420 775-732-581, 00420 775-732-580

Web site:

Google Maps: link

The Furious Inc.

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