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2005 Kendall Johnson Customs

27,900.00 USD

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2005 Kendall Johnson Customs ChopperThanks to the global recession and America's appetite for trendy pop culture, many are predicting the end of the chopper craze. Jesse James locked the doors on West Coast Customs just last year. The O.C.C. boys keep whispering about the death of their epic Discovery show. And many 'assembly line customizers' have been reduced to mailboxes full of angry letters and unanswered warranty complaints. But this isn't the end of an era; choppers always have been, and always will be, a big part of two wheel culture. The only difference now is: instead of seeing these artistic beasts under suburbanites with fat bank accounts, you'll see them under hardcore purists and skilled fabricators like North Carolina's own Kendall Johnson. With only 400 miles on its professionally executed and highly detailed build, this killer Kendall Johnson chopper is a fully sorted turn-key custom with exceptional curb appeal and great road manners. Are you a motorcycle purist who's looking for first class style, proven reliability and an exceptional price? Then stop making excuses for that cute, candy-painted bagger and step up to this super slick chopper!

After tremendous success on Discovery Channel's Great Biker Build-Off, Kendall Johnson and his namesake motorcycle company began building modified bikes and one-off custom choppers. Destined to become one of the most respected bike builders in the world, Johnson's designs have since been featured in many publications and highlighted on numerous television programs. And this bike, detailed in stunning metallic paint, bolted together with layers of polished metal and powered by a fully sorted drivetrain, is some of the best work he's ever produced!

While most professional choppers are standardized, mass-produced packages that lack the intensity and attention to detail of a grassroots build, true customs maintain a level of style and authenticity that can be tweaked and massaged to create an individual masterpiece. This particular bike features traditionally sculpted sheetmetal that, along with its independent Lowlife frame, has been bathed in a striking and sophisticated layer of Silver basecoat. When that clean basecoat dried, dynamic tribal flames were ignited at its front fender, fueled through its frame and sealed on its rear fender by a high quality clearcoat shell that's characterized by a spectacular, glossy shine. And the end result is a first-rate paint job, envisioned by Copperhead Graphics, that creates one great looking road warrior with tons of curb appeal!

Chock full of carefully spec'd components, which promote higher levels of performance and significantly increase its all-important 'WOW' factor, this gnarly two wheeler is built with the same no expense spared, best of everything approach that's the cornerstone of all great 'custom Harley' projects. At the front of the bike, a telescopic SunMyth fork hangs a chrome headlight and the aforementioned fender above a 21 inch Performance Machine Casino wheel and an 80/90 Metzeler tire. At the side of that polished wheel, a disc brake system utilizes braided brake lines to squeeze a chrome, dual piston Performance Machine caliper around a giant, drilled rotor. Above that caliper, custom chrome sweeper bars are capped by polished Performance Machine leavers and stylish chrome grips. Behind those leavers, the bike's bright silver frame holds a highly detailed S&S V-twin engine that features diamond cut cylinders and a classic, instantly recognizable sound. At the back of that engine, a chrome-capped Independent Cycle belt drive hangs a full set of polished pegs in front of a small LED tail light and a chrome, vertically oriented tag bracket. Above that tail light, a custom fuel tank anchors a High Rollers seat that's stitched in replica Ostrich skin and detailed with an authentic snake skin flame. Behind that seat, a full rear fender hovers over a huge 300/35 Avon tire that spins around a second, 18 inch Performance Machine Casino wheel. And at the side of that wheel, a second drilled rotor combines with a second chrome Performance Machine caliper and more braided hoses to supply quick and even stops.

The heart of this awesome creation is a 124 cubic inch S&S Super Stock engine which utilizes a long piston stroke, a high performance camshaft, a full set of massaged valves and hundred octane race fuel to create stout 10.8 to 1 compression and roughly 150 horsepower. Founded in 1958, S&S Cycles is one of the biggest and most trusted motorcycle engine builders in the world, and this choppers V-twin is one of the most powerful engines they produce. At the top of the highly detailed mill, chrome rocker box covers lead the eye to large "S&S" scripts that are stamped into powder coated, air cooled cylinders. On the right side of the bike, an S&S Cycles Super Shorty 1-barrel carburetor slurps wind through a custom "Kendall Johnson" branded air cleaner that's positioned just above custom exhaust pipes. Below that carburetor, chrome rod covers lead your eye to a polished cam cover that's likewise marked with a nice "Kendall Johnson" motif. And on the left side of the bike, a chrome coil cover sits in front of black ignition wires that snake their way to the engine's fresh spark plugs. All this top notch hardware rolls on a rigid Softail suspension that, despite being considered low tech by some, utilizes Legend air ride shock absorbers to achieve a vintage Hardtail look while providing a modern feel that doesn't fatigue the rider. And all the S&S twin's power flows through a 2005 model Baker transmission that mixes proven technology with solid shifts and reliable cruising.

Sold on its original Manufacturer's Statement of Origin, this polished showpiece is complete with both an attractive display board and a small suction cup passenger's seat.

Rivaling the best OEM-built pieces on the market, this awesome chopper is a 100% road ready bike that features an unmatched level of detail and a classic custom appearance. There is a definite difference between even the nicest 'assembly line choppers' and customs like this, as every single bolt on this motorcycle adds to both its awesome curb appeal and amazing street prowess. If you're looking for years of open road freedom in a reliable, fully sorted wrapper that can be yours for an unbeatable price, you've come to the right place!

At RK Motors Charlotte, our primary goal is to offer a buying experience unrivaled by anyone in the classic car industry. The core of that experience is a screening process we call the RKM Performance Center Seal of Approval. Performed by one of the ASE certified master mechanics in the RKM Performance Center, this 80+ point checklist ensures that every vehicle we offer meets our stringent standards.

While the Seal of Approval covers the basics, many customers want to take their cars to the next level. So, we created the RKM Performance Center Test & Tune and the RKM Performance Center Certification. From general functionality to comprehensive tuning and testing, these service packages let our customers tailor their buying experience.

When you visit our website,, you'll see that every car carries three prices and each of those prices correspond a service package. Regardless if you are new to the classic car world or an experienced collector, our three-tiered pricing system allows for an honest and open sales environment. Simply put – no one in the industry works harder than RK Motors Charlotte to make sure your dream purchase is just that.

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Marka: Kendall Johnson Customs

Model: Chopper

Rok: 2005

Cena: 27,900.00 USDCurrency Converter

Condition: warunek 1 Wyjątkowy

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Nazwisko: RK Motors Charlotte

Kraj: United States

Stan albo region: Charlotte

Kod pocztowy: NC 28269

Jêzyki: English

Tel: 704.596.5211

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