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Suits Sabelt TI 120, size 54, discount

360.00 EUR


Suits Sabelt TI 120, size 54, discount

OFFER of suits SABELT TI 120, blue and white, size 54, FLOATING SLEEVE

Two coloured version of the best entry level 3 layer suit of the market. The new design, the seams and the
materials are aligned with the best high level suits. The two colors of TI-120 suit and all the advantages
of a valid and safe sandwich, are not the only innovation. The comfort,in general,is obtained matching new
technologies with traditional plus and harmonizing all of that. This is why the fl oating sleeve of this
model should not be overlooked: it allows 360° mobility of the arms and a comfortable fi t, especially in
driving position.

It’s habit: to fi nd a lightweight suit, three-layers design with two colors and maximum comfort, you have
to look at the top of the range.Only Sabelt has changed this trend: in the “entry level“ suits you will fi
nd not only a 380 gr/sm sandwich, but also a combination of three layers for maximum safety and a design
in two colors. And all of this for everyone,both standard and customized (Sabelt is among the few
companies that customize the entire range of suits,even the cheapest ones).

Suits TI-120 - blue and white, size 54 - 295 € + VAT (LAST PIECE!!)

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Categoria: Abiti

Sottocategoria: Uniforms

Oggetto/Tema: Suits Sabelt TI 120, size 54, discount

Modello: Autentico

Prezzo: 360.00 EURCurrency Converter

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Nome: Moreschi Motorsport

Paese: Italy

Stato o regione: Quingentole (MN)

Codice postale: 46020

Lingue: Italian, English

Tel: +39-038642545

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