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20/25 Park Ward Saloon GBT52
38,500.00 GBP
Mustang GT
38,895.00 USD
Eighty Eight
409,000.00 SEK
17,999.00 USD
90,000.00 USD

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Expert Services.

Price on request


Expert Services.

Buying a classic Mercedes-Benz is,  the realization of a dream. Experience and expertise are what makes Palm Beach Classics the authority on the Mercedes Benz Automobile. When you entrust Palm Beach Classics, you put it in hands devoted solely to the Silver Star, at a workshop that caters to the unique needs of some of the most unique vehicles ever made.
With over 10 years in restoring and selling classic Mercedes, Palm Beach Classics will provide you with the highest services quality. Explore our services or let us recommend and plan the best actions for your classic vehicle. Whatever you decide, we want to help your dreams come true.


Maintain the character and appearance of your classic and increase its life-span. We can offer a partial or full restoration for your classic Mercedes-Benz. Using the highest standards in the industry, we offer any level of restoration to specifications, while working with our client’s budget.

∙ Upholstery
∙ Paintwork
∙ Carpet
∙ Leather
∙ Engine Rebuild
∙ …



We don’t just source and restore classic Mercedes, we maintain and repair any car – any year, any make, any model. From a simple oil change to more comprehensive automotive repairs, we will look after your car with the same exacting standards and attention to detail that goes into all of our restorations.

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الموضوع/العنوان: Expert Services.

صنع: Mercedes-Benz

الفئة: الصيانة, الاستعاد, الإصل

نوع: المحرك والأجزا, ناقل الحركة والأجز, المحاور والتروس, المكابح والأجزا, الدوبرياج والأجزا, التعليق وأجزاء امتصاص الصدمات, الكاربراتير وأنظمة الوقود, أنظمة التبريد, تكييف الهواء, الإشعال والسلو, الآ, أجهزة الراديو, الجسم والإطار - إعادة التصني, الجسم والإطار - الإصلاح والد, الأجزاء المصنوعة من الكرو, الأجزاء الداخلية والفر, الأسقف اللين

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الاس: Palm Beach Classics

الدولة: United States

الدولة أو الإقلي: West Palm Beach

الرمز البريدي: FL 33411

اللغات: English, French

هاتف: 001+ (561)762-6244

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Palm Beach Classics

Mustang GT350
49,500.00 USD
54,995.00 USD
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Alfa Romeo
6C 2500
295,000.00 EUR
3½ Litre Vanden Plas style ‘cutaway door’ Tourer B91EJ
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