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1925 Rolls-Royce

45,000.00 GBP


1925 Rolls-Royce 20hp

Chassis No.  GDK70     


A charming example of an early 20hp, with many correct features, such as 23” split rim wheels with plain Ace discs (including the twin side-mounted spares), all with excellent Dunlop tyres, lovely, ornate door handles, incorporating locks, horizontally and half-vertically divided windscreen, nickel plated ‘Diver’s Helmet’ tail lamps, etc, etc. The car was the subject of major restoration work about fifteen years ago, is still in excellent condition and improved further over the last couple of years, evidenced by invoices for £12,500 in 2015 & 2016. Flashing indicators are discreetly incorporated in such a way that they are not externally visible. The history file includes various correspondence between earlier owners, invoices, a buff logbook, some insurance certificates from the 1950s, and more besides. Nicely finished in dark blue and black, with blue leather front & rear, excellent brightwork, including the correct Lucas headlights (with Barker Dipping), and sidelights, all of which add to the appeal of this pretty car, with bags of 1920s character, but which at the same time is fresh and smart. Even the underside is clean & tidy, and features a stainless steel exhaust system. Running nicely and in good health.


Chassis No.  GDK70                      Reg. No. SY 2492                   £45,000.


Snippets: The Brunton & Dixon Connection

The first two names on the chassis cards are that of a pair of cousins – John Dixon Brunton (1872/1951) and Miss Sarah Dennison Dixon (1847/1937).  These two sides of the same family are linked not only by blood but by businesses.  The Brunton’s can be traced back to William Neilson Brunton - the founder of W N Brunton of Mussleburgh producers of wire & wire ropes which were used in pianos, springs, drills, aircraft wires (as early as 1906) and the rope for the Firth of Forth Bridge; the Brunton’s also had interests in the paper industry with Peter Dixon (Sarah’s father) leaving Scotland in the mid 1800s to open Spring Grove Mill in Oughtibridge in Yorkshire.  The Dixon’s expanded their firm’s interests into wood pulp, containerised shipping, polythene and a china clay mine in Cornwall!  John’s sister Elizabeth York Brunton (1880/1973) was an accomplished artist & woodcut engraver who had studied in Paris at the Acadamie Colarossi, in 1930 she had several of her works exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago & a few of her works are now in the British Museum  -  Owls, Sellagruppa & Monta Cristallo.  It is unclear as to what happened to GDK70 immediately after Sarah’s death but in 1952 the log book shows that Mrs Maria Douglas of Muswell Hill to be the custodian of the 20hp and in from 1956 to1972 the car is shown as being with Cyril R. Douglas.  The area of Muswell is named after the River Moselle – during the 12th century it became a place of pilgrimage after a drink from the local spring cured King Malcolm IV (1141/1165)!

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Marca: Rolls-Royce

Modello: 20hp

Anno: 1925

Prezzo: 45,000.00 GBPCurrency Converter

Condition: 3 Ottima condizione

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Nome: The Real Car

Paese: United Kingdom

Stato o regione: Bethesda

Codice postale: LL57 4YS

Lingue: English

Tel: +44 1248 602649, +44 1248 600994

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The Real Car

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