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Silver Cloud II Four Door Saloon
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1938 Rolls-Royce

Wraith H J Mulliner Sedanca de Ville
85,000.00 GBP


1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith H J Mulliner Sedanca de Ville

SALE AGREED            


A truly fabulous car, having been acquired by the last but one owner in the mid 1980s from his uncle who had owned it since 1942, in the middle of World War II, just after the first, lady owner had passed away, at which time the car had covered only 2,500 miles! The total - seventy seven years later - has now risen to just 80,000! Restoration work in that ownership totals almost £200,000, and as a result the car is truly gorgeous. In particular, the interior, which was totally re-trimmed in the 1980s by Roy Creech, is absolutely fabulous. There are three volumes of history, going back to the war years, which include some lovely documentation, an old logbook, tax discs, etc, and represent probably the most complete and comprehensive history that we have ever seen accompanying a pre-war car, as well as two photo albums. Even the toolkit is in lovely condition! It is difficult to do the car justice in words, but let's just say that the car and the circumstances are exceptional in the most positive way imaginable. The photographs also speak volumes.                                                           


Chassis No.  WXA31                              Reg. No.   FGH 410                                           


Snippets: Brewing & Shipping

WXA31 was owned, but never driven by her 1st owner, Miss Ariana Borthwick Gordon (1867/1942)!  Miss Gordon was a wealthy spinster whose family were involved in Albion Brewing Co.  There is a possibility that the family are linked, via marriage, to the Grant & Gordon families of Whisky & Gin fame.  In 1903 Ariana’s brother, John Taylor Gordon, died unexpectedly from apoplexy whilst travelling in New Zealand, he left his entire estate of some £67,000 to Ariana.   Upon Ariana Gordon’s death (August 1942) she left an estate of £167,000 net with bequests of £2,000 to Barnardo’s & Victoria Hospital, £1,000 to the RSPCA, the NSPCC & the Gordon’s Boys Homes.  It would appear that WXA31 was purchased from her estate In October 1942 by her 2nd owner Demitris J. Chandris (aged just  21) – a 3rd generation of Greek ship owners – just before the onset of WWII his father Ioannis Chandris (1890/1942) had a fleet of 15 ships & a shipping office in Piraeus.  When Demitris Chandris married Myrto Pnevmaticou he consolidated two shipping firms as his father-in-law Michael Pnevmaticos was descended from a line of Kassiot shipowners dating back to 1824.  Demitris & Myrto met when one of Demitris’s vessels ran aground on the island of Gairthouronissi just outside of the harbour of Hermoupolis, Syros!  Over time the Chandris shipping interests have expanded to include Cruise Liners, Hotels, Shipbuilding, Tankers, Soft Drinks & Jams.  In 1956 the company founded a school on the island of Chios for engineers, wireless operators & cooks (very important on any vessel!).  Upon the death of Demitris in 1980 WXA31 was inherited by his nephew and remained with the family until 2016 when it was acquired by ourselves.  In September 2016 the marriage of Dimitri Chandris and Lydia Forte united the hotel & cruise empires of two extraordinary families.

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Merkki: Rolls-Royce

Malli: Wraith H J Mulliner Sedanca de Ville

Vuosi: 1938

Hinta: 85,000.00 GBPCurrency Converter

Condition: kunto 2 Erinomainen


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Nimi: The Real Car

Maa: United Kingdom

Kaupunki tai alue: Bethesda

Postinumero: LL57 4YS

Kielet: English

Puh.: +44 1248 602649, +44 1248 600994

WWW-sivu: www.realcar.co.uk/

The Real Car

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