19,999.00 USD
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17,999.00 USD
59,900.00 USD
Phantom I Mann Egerton Drophead Dr's Coupe with dickey seat.
95,000.00 GBP

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1937 Bentley

4 ¼ Litre Park Ward Sports Saloon
69,500.00 GBP


1937 Bentley 4 ¼ Litre Park Ward Sports Saloon

Chassis No. B172JD 

A smart and sound example, in very good all-round condition and benefitting from a great deal of attention by the last owner in recent years, all documented, which included a full re-wire and upgrading the rear axle to high ratio. The car has been used and enjoyed on many occasions since bought from us in early 2013 and amongst other things, successfully completed a 2,000 mile European tour to Austria and Italy and three rounds of the Le Mans circuit! Altogether, the car has covered about 8,000 miles during this time, all without trouble. Prior to this, the car had ownerships of twenty years and thirty two years, and in the 1990s, was re-painted and fully re-upholstered, remaining very smart to this day, with excellent red leather interior, still feeling fresh, with its red carpets and new headlining, all finished at the same time. The two impressive, leather-bound history files which accompany the car detail a great deal of expenditure by the last owner, and include various correspondences, some lovely early paperwork, a logbook from 1954 and more besides. A well 'tried & tested car, ready for its next adventure!


Chassis No. B172JD               Reg No. DYO 120


Snippets: Chariots of Fire & the Phantom of Love.

The 1st owner of B172JD was Frederick Arthur Cox, a keen horseman who prior to his death in 1942 was (1936/39) the Master of the East Sussex Hunt, in 1939 Lord Burghley joined him in as the Joint-Master – to learn the ropes – until Frederick’s retirement later that year, Lord Burghley then held the post of Master of the Hounds until 1943.  In 1924, 1928 & 1932 Lord Burghley had represented Great Britain in the Olympic Games & in 1928 he won Gold in the 400m Hurdles; it is said that Lord Burghley was inspiration for the film “Chariots of Fire” as in 1927 he did indeed race around the quadrangle beating the chiming of the clock at 12noon!  In 1938 B172JD is shown as being with J H Barnett at his company (Charles Clarke & Son) Chapel Ash, this firm were established in 1843 as retailers of “Coaches, carriages & coachwork” - in 1902 they had a stand at the Wolverhampton Exhibition.  When J H Barnett (a trainee of Sir Herbert Austin) became the proprietor circa 1911 the firm had evolved with the times and they began to produce coachwork for the  “Horseless Carriage” trade.  In 1927 Clarence W Gasque (financial director of F W Woolworth & brother-in-law of H. T Parson – President of F W Woolworth 1919/32) asked J H Barnett to design a body for his Phantom I with the interior to completed in the style of Louis XV. The car was to be a gift to his wife Maude & Clarence said that didn’t want to hear about the “Phantom of Love” until it was completed!  It is estimated that the bodywork alone cost some £275,000 - sadly Clarence died just 18 months after the car was completed. After WWII B172JD was with Messrs J. M. Webber & Co Ltd of 244 Tottenham Court Road who from 1926/1956 traded as electrical engineers.  From 1949 / 1954 B172JD was with Lt Col Hubert Bromley Watkins MC, OBE & DCM of Knighton in Wales, in 1952 he held the post of High Sherriff.

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Gyártmány: Bentley

Modell: 4 ¼ Litre Park Ward Sports Saloon

Év: 1937

Ár: 69,500.00 GBPCurrency Converter

Condition: cond 3 Nagyon jó

Elérhetoségi információ

A vevo többi cikkének megtekintése

Név: The Real Car

Ország: United Kingdom

Állam vagy régió: Bethesda

Irányítószám: LL57 4YS

Nyelvek: English

Telefon: +44 1248 602649, +44 1248 600994


The Real Car

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