Integrate your webshop as a webpage on your private website.

(or any other website which implements your code.)

This is a very practical solution:
1. for clubs who want to put the advertisements of their members on the club site. In this case, the members have to advertise on the club's account. The club can change the password yearly and distribute it again to their actual members (who paid their yearly contribution f.e.).
2. the cheapest way to have a website which can handle advertisements. Strictly, you only need to have one page as your personal site. And you need minimum hosting as the content page with all ads and pictures is hosted on our server.
3. you put your new advertisements on and your own website is also up-to-date. You just have to advertise them once.
4. for advertisers who don't want to invest in program functionalities on their personal website (It's a free service).
5. for putting a webshop with your advertisements on different websites (yours or/and others) at same time.
6. Multilingual. You make a page for each desired language.

The basic principle is that you use the program and distribution functionalities of on your site.

  1. You put your advertisements online on - and that's all you have to do!

  2. Your advertisements are also displayed on the webshop-page of your personal website.

  3. Of course, your advertisements are also immediately online on our network of turnkey classified sections of clubs, informative websites, magazines, dealers, insurance companies, etc.. in 21 languages around the globe.

Integartion of your webshop
This is how to proceed (This is webmaster stuff if you're not very handy with websites and html):

Ask you webdesigner to make a link „Classifieds“ or similar in the menu of
your website which leads to a page where the webshop content will be shown.

Your webmaster puts the the following code into the html body of this page:

<!--Begin CODE -->

<iframe src="" scrolling="yes" frameborder="0" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:650px; height:2500px; overflow-x: hidden; overflow-y: visible;"

<!--END CODE -->

The ID-number can be found in the url of your webshop on

Click „See other items of this seller“ on the detail page of one of your ads and take note
of the ID number in the URL
(For example The ID number is "1036" if url in browser is

The language in which the functionalities are shown can be altered into one of the 21 languages.
You only have to alter "en" in the code by another language code.

The list of language codes:

en = English
es = Español/Spanish
ar = Arabic
ru = Russian/Русский
ja = Japanese
pt = Português/Portugal
it = Italiano
de = Deutsch
fr = French/Français
nl = Dutch/Nederlands
sv = Svenska/Swedish
fi = Suomi/Finnish
pl = Język polski/Polish
hu = Magyar/Hungarian
no = Norway
bg = Български/Bulgarian
tr = Türkçe/Turkish
zh = Chinese
hi = Hindi
da = Danish
ro = Română/Romanian

A more "perfect" solution is to buy the complete website system offered by
This is a complete independent system which has the same functionalities, ad distribution system, programming capabilities and the proven seo strategy as the site on

And your website -advertisements AND articles- is fully synchronized with and its network.
You don't have to care anymore about hosting, backups, new seo strategies, network marketing or updates. Everything is arranged for and included in the price.

And you can install the affiliate system and earn money, just by operating your website.
Indeed a very good investment!