Franchising & becoming our partner

“Never stop investing. Never stop improving. Never stop doing something new.”

Your first question is probably “what’s in it for me?” or “What can I make with this?”
So let’s start with the first thing that came to your mind...

We pay 40% commission on all advertising and other services which are sold to all advertisers who registered on your website. For how long? For life…!

Who are we looking for?

Everybody who has a well visited classic car website. We are thinking of for example:

  • Magazine publishers.
  • Event organizers.
  • Clubs, Federations.
  • Insurance companies, etc…

What will you have for sale?

  • Single advertisements
  • Subscriptions for unlimited advertising
Ps. You can sell also individual websites as “reseller”. Click here for more info

How does it work?

Many websites already integrated our software. You can see an example on this website .

Individual administrator software is available so you can track the registrations and earned fees produced by you website.

Put a link with “classic cars for sale” (or “Classifieds” or something similar) in your menu which leads to the page where the classifieds section is installed.
It takes a small code to install the classifieds section on this page. If you don’t have a webmaster to do it for you, we can provide some help. You don’t need any supplementary hosting because the information comes directly from our server to an IFrame on your site.

Click here to download the manual to install the code.

What is your risk?

No risk at all! The software is free and easily installed. You can join or bail out at any moment without any commitment.

More visitors

Obviously, your websites becomes more interesting when you have a classifieds database resulting in far more visitors to your website. This means that you can start selling banners or make more interesting sponsor deals.
Please click here to see the latest performance of our site (average over the past 7 days).
Nothing stops you from having the same business as we have !
On the contrary, it will be much easier for you because you don’t have to invest in software or find a way to start with a database containing more than 10.000 advertisments.... Advice and technical backup is available for free aswell. All this is done and brought to you on a silver platter.
All it takes is some iniative from your side!

In a nutshell: the benefits and possibilities…

  • More visitors. Obviously, your websites becomes more interesting when you have a classifieds database. A classifieds section means far more visitors to your website, meaning that you can start selling banners or make more interesting sponsor deals.
  • Get a commission. The cost for a subscription for unlimited advertising is 120 euro per year. Single advertisements for cars costs 10 euro/year. Advertisements for other things besides cars are free of charge for non-professional use (max 10 ads).
    The owner of the website where the advertiser made his registration gets a commission of 40% for as long as the advertiser advertises. So once registered, it doesn’t matter which site the advertiser uses to place his advertisements. It’s the initial site where the registration was made who gets the commission.
    The commission will be automatically paid to you by paypal payment system.
  • No cost. This classifieds section is given to you without any cost or fee, without any obligation whatsoever. There is no hosting or maintenance cost for you. We don’t take any commission on sales transactions neither.
  • No commitments. You can step in or bail out at any given moment, without any restriction or obligation.
  • All languages. The classifieds section is shown in the same language(s) as your website (21 languages available including Chinese, Hindi, Japanese…)
  • Worldwide. You’ll be part of a worldwide network, meaning the ads on your site are coming from all over the world. However, the visitor can select to see ads from worldwide, continental, national or regional origin.
  • One make only. You can choose to show on your website only ads for one specific make, like for example only BMW ads. This can be useful for car-related clubs, like a BMW club. Or you can have both... A "BMW classifieds section" and an "All makes section".
    See example:
  • Start now. Start marketing your site and building your clientele. All it takes is some initiative.

Interested in becoming partner?

Need more info? Contact us at office (at)!

Click here to download the manual to install the code for the classifieds section.